Queen E Illustration by Rex Mohammad

Olivia Bates Illustration by Rex Mohammad

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Title: “Go Get A Late Pass “

The title of this chapter is taken from Public Enemy’s Album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back. The complete phrase is “Go get a late pass, the apocalypse been happen.”

This first chapter engages with WEB DuBois’ The World and Africa.


The story begins at the height of a bubbling rebellion between Old City and New City. While most corporations that hold up the economic life of the city-state have relocated to the freshly constructed New City, GeoTech Innovations has remained in Old City.

The head of the company, Samuel Schuyler, known as the Architect of Old City, has to this point staunchly remained in Old City. With the seat of the city-state’s government in New City, GeoTech Innovations finds itself the subject of harsh regulations that make its products illegal.

New City, advertised as a technological Utopia where all residents can live free from violence, crime, poverty, disease, and natural disaster, is only open to “enhanced” and culturally valuable individuals. Increasing violence in Old City as a result of the social, political, and economic tensions bought by New City causes Samuel Schuyler to reconsider his stance. As a last straw that tips the scales, a tragic accident takes its toll on Sariah, Samuel’s wife.

Artistic Influences:

LeRoy Clarke Solstice of the Eye

Picture: A highway scene with free flowing traffic that transitions into a surreal scene with the all seeing eye at the center, two lions on either side of the eye and two halves of the globe on either side of that.