Community Mural

The community mural asks participants to engage in Andrinkra symbols Advertisements


What We Are Not Allowed to Express

I had a moment earlier this year after Candice D’Meza offered a moving speech about #niawilson and #youoksis . She asked the simple question “Do we listen when Black women speak?” And at that time I knew the answer because I was crying tears of sadness and my heart and my head had nothing other…

HYPE Freedom School Day of Service Mural

Summer 2018 I have the opportunity to work with MBK on a polytch mural. Project to be completed July 20 2018. On July 20,2018 during the graduation the mural was revealed. HYPE Freedom School service learning project Watch the story of the HYPE Freedom School Mural

Phantasm Art Showcase

Phantasm Artist Showcase Co-curated by Schetauna Powell and Ashura Lovelady this showcase engages in a conversation on ontological (worldview) perception of reality. Thank you to everyone who came to the show! These excellent photos are provided by Victoria Cooke

Dear Mama June 2018

see Hey Mama exhibition for reference.   Dear Mama showcase hosted by Lovelady, TX was a wonderful success! The community project allowed participants to reflect on what motherhood means to them through the creation of the flower. Many shared their experiences and stories about motherhood with the group. Thank you so much to everyone who came…

Creating the Crayon Mosaic “Anasi’s Web is the Universe”

Thank you so much to Sandra Lovelady, Jaz Henry, Channea Curley, Shawn Lemons, and the G.R.E.E.N. Project at Snooze A.M. for the generous donations of crayons! With your help we have reached our quota for the project. The sculpture uses recycled materials such as plastic bottle caps, re-purposed wood, and recycled crayons. Anasi is a…

HTX Street Art

    One of my favorite things about Houston is the fact that it is always in transition. Since I started cataloging the street art in the 610 loop, I have learned that Houston has an annual HUE festival meant to expand the amount of street art we have each year. Check out my tour…