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About the Founder of Artivism Community Art

At the time I conceived of Artivism Community Art in 2008 I was inspired by the conversations about activism that I engaged in during classes in the African American Studies Department at the University of Houston. As I continued my academic career in Pan African Studies at the University of Louisville in 2012, I began to realize the cultural, political, and philosophical lessons I received as a young adult needed to be communicated to a larger audience.  So much of what I absorbed from my days in the university lead me to begin organizing through arts based education to communicate the technical and philosophical conversations outside of the classroom.

I have been in education for close to seven years. I have volunteered for CDF Freedom School; I worked afterschool programs , as a Substitute teacher in Clarksville, IN, Louisville, KY, and Houston, TX. and I have spent some time teaching at the colegiate level at the University of Houston. Much of the responsibility of sucess in the classroom is placed sqaurely on educators shoulders leaving many teachers stressed. Being a part of the Learning and Interpretation Team at the MFAH surrounded by museum educators, HISD, and UH affiliates who have the mission of rethinking what education should look like is inspiring.

“Artivism Community Art Supply is an organization dedicated to social learning, arts education, travel, and community. We provide mobile art projects that allow communities to engage in issue-based discourse. Our ultimate mission is to provide different communities within Houston free exchange of cultural ideas. “

“Meet Schetauna Powell of Artivism Community Art Supply” Voyage Houston, 18 October 2018.

“When I discovered the word “Afrofuturism” it became clear that these thinkers, writers, and artists were not magical anomalies within the universe, that they belong to a group of people within Black Culture who are very well versed in the knowledge of the past and how that connects to the present moment; they use their creative ability and this knowledge to dream creatively about the future. “

Grace Gipson. “A BGN Conversation With an Up & Coming Afrofuturist ‘BGN’ Scholar” Black Girl Nerds. Web. 15 September 2015.
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