For my first Late Night Assignment  I have been very concerned about this post because I have been wanting to share my journey to practicing within an African ontology, however I am protective of my experiences because 1.) it is spiritual (it is my religion) 2.) Black culture and thought is always abducted and exploited and thus I am very protective. As I prepare for the next step of my education, I have decided to actively practice living according to an African ontology.  For my journey through the universe this means  worshiping in a religion created directly by my culture. Everyone is familiar with the Black Church – which was the first Black  institution. I have had my journey and struggle with religion transforming from a Baptist Christian, to an agnostic, to a spiritualist without a religious doctrine but a set of beliefs and tendencies. In The Legacy of Hoodoo  it describes how African customs of Ewe survived in the Black church. Ewe is the African religion associated with Louisiana Voodoo, Haitian Vodun, and Cuban Santeria. I learned that I practiced a lot of what I read about that is related to Voodoo already: I collect bottles and trinkets, buttons that have significant spiritual value to me.

I have the additional pleasure of being able to interact with African ontology by teaching it to my students. I am able to review the basic tenets of African utamawazo. In teaching about the African ontology the discussion on Black Metaphysical Science always confused me slightly. Then I was reading a discussion on Black science fiction by Rasheeda Phillips that discussed quantum physics .In essence Quantum Consciousness is in concert with African Sciences. I am interested in studying quantum physics more. I believe through spiritual practice I can understand Quantum Consciousness.

In the meantime, I am practicing art to express my experience which is more in line with my practice of African ontology. By focusing on project based learning I am building communal ties that are important to my spiritual practice. I am excited to take this journey.



quilts with kongo cosmogram

creating knowledge symbolically, educating others, and understanding myself as a cosmic being through connection with African religious practice. My own culture’s African religious practice is Louisiana Voodoo.

June 2017

Small steps as I begin. I am practicing gardening in order to engage with what I undertand the practice to involve.