Exploring the use of Bottles in African American Art

Use of recycled glass bottles

Memory Jugs

memory jugs.jpg

Bottle trees

bottle trees.jpg

David Hammons “Night Train” 1988

David Hammons Night Train.jpg

Home made goods

Use of recycled clothes


Crocheting (weaving)

Project Proposal:

Rug made of recycled clothing

old shirt rug.jpg

Use of recycled beads and buttons

Key artist: Amalia Amaki “Number 1 Fan #2”

number 1 fan nuber 2.jpg

Proposed Project:

Waist Beads

african waist beads.png

Use of recycled paper:

Proposed Project:

Basket weaving


Use of large recyclable items



Use of recycled objects (toys etc)

Featured Artist: Bettye Saar