Curating Across Borders Project

The Curating Beyond Borders Project is an exhibition that opened up in conjunction with the Black Speculative Movement Conference in Houston on February 9, 2019. The conference features a film showing, an exhibition, panel discussions, home school workshops, a community mural, and collaborations with local entrepreneurs.

The exhibition displays the academic history of Black Speculative Fiction in tandem with artistic imaginations of and African centered future in Houston, Texas. The books, part of an on site installation punctuates themes in the gallery.

The best thing about the show is the community that came out. The event was packed with participants of all ages, learning new aspects of the conversation surrounding the Black Future.

The artists displayed on the walls of the Gallery are Houston based artist.
This section is shows visions of the Black Women punctuated by a section of books titled “Our Mother’s Gardens”. This section show alternative visions of the Black woman.

The exhibition showed art from around the world that represented the Afrofuture. The work is shown in a gallery book located within the exhibition.

Show was co-curated by Schetauna Powell and Ashura Bayyaann with direction from Dominic Clay