CTUN Podcast Spot

The Utility of Words I was very fortunate to be invited to speak with the members of the CTUN (Can’t Tell Us Nothing) Cast about my work as a Cultural Worker in Houston, TX. The coversation was so much fun. Dartmouth Girls https://mockingbirdnetwork.squarespace.com/ctun/schetauna?fbclid=IwAR3kJv5QOXyz7geGYesEnZYw6ysUWFd7C4cQj7gmxFf3NCqhzSO1N3c41O4 Advertisements


BSAM Houston 2020: Perfect Vision

BSAM 2020 Pleased to announce our next BSAM Houston Conference at the Houston Museum of African American Culture. More Details to come.

Bootleg Like Jazz Feature

In this episode titled Artivism – Artist, Entrepreneur and Author Schetauna discusses her new novel The Experimental City, the impact of Jean-Michel Basquiat on her work and her recent series such as What We Are Not Allowed To Express.

BSAM Houston Vendors

Part of the Black Future is supporting Black businesses. BSAM Houston had a wide variety of entrepreneurs offering their businesses as models for what the Black Future looks like.

Community Workshops and Home School

The community and Home School workshops brought long standing cultural pillars in the Houston community together to pass on knowledge of a lifetime to the next generation. The community workshops made up the fabric and atmosphere of the Curating Across Borders Project opening day. Whether it is the African Martial Arts Workshop offered by Fundi…

Community Mural

The community mural asks participants to engage in Andrinkra symbols