HTX Folk Art

      recently went on a tour of Houston to get to know the folk art around town. In the process I learned the best place to see art in Space City is in Parks. Check out my exploits on YouTube HTX Folk Art , and HTX Parks and Rec Advertisements


The Experimental City

Check out the Black Girl Nerds Article on The Experimental City. Set around the life of an 8 year old African American girl in a distant future, the novel explores the greatest experiment of humanity – civilization. Powerful countries such as the United States and England have devolved into city-states; human beings can customize the…

Exploring the Traditional and Contemporary in African Diasporic Arts

Exploring the use of Bottles in African American Art Use of recycled glass bottles Memory Jugs Bottle trees David Hammons “Night Train” 1988 Home made goods Use of recycled clothes Quilts Crocheting (weaving) Project Proposal: Rug made of recycled clothing Use of recycled beads and buttons Key artist: Amalia Amaki “Number 1 Fan #2” Proposed…