New Moon Ceremony

The second New Moon for the 2018 New Year occurred on January 17, 2018. Following Queen Afua’s book. The New Moon is a time state new intentions and cleanse any negativity.

How To Survive an Unknown Environment

First, the only way to understand a new environment is to name it. Learn the names, understand each element’s function, and understand your relationship to each element. Find your community; they are the ones that share the same ontological goals as you. Build your community’s influence through unique means. Influence is built through good community…

Back to the Future! Exploring the Practice and History of Futurism

Gallery Plan (from top left to bottom right) The Lessons of Modernism: Studying Shape, Balance, Perspective and Movement with Pop-Up Pages Summary Futurism developed in 1909 by Italian poet F.T. Marinetti in the manuscript Foundation and Manifesto of Futurism, the artists in the cultural movement Futurism made technology central in European interaction with the environment….

Chakra Crystals in ATX

Chakra Stones can be used much like a Catholic Rosary bead in that each stone relates to one of the 7 chakras. Chakra translates to “wheel” and each chakra relates a part of the body. Each person has a chakra stone that relates to them directly. Think of your chakra stone like the totem from…